All about The RNDA


The Rainbow Nation Dance Academy (RNDA), formally Gay Men’s Dance Company (GMDC), was founded in September 2015 by Alex Scurr, a London based dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. The RNDA offers a creative outlet; a place to express yourself in a safe and supportive environment while keeping fit, socialising and enjoying your chosen hobby.

About the Classes

We initially started with just Dance classes but we now also run Musical Theatre, Choir, Drama, Pole Dancing & Fitness classes. we’ve also expanded out to Manchester. We are constantly expanding and evolving.
No previous experience is required to join any of our beginner/general classes, but we do have intermediate and advanced options in most of our classes for those who’ve danced before.
With most subjects you sign up for a term/block of classes, this ensures continuity and progression.
All of our classes have a friendly, welcoming, open atmosphere where we encourage members to relax, be themselves, try new things, meet new people and have fun.

“When I first heard about RNDA, I was immediately excited at the idea. I thought it would be an excellent way to socialise and have a good time while exercising and keeping fit. However, I put off joining the classes for some time as I dreaded making a complete fool of myself in front of strangers! I was still very nervous when I stepped into my first class, I was surprised at how relaxed and friendly the atmosphere was. The class was interactive, fun and probably the best cardio session I have ever had in my life! It was refreshing to see such a diverse group of people coming together to share an exciting new experience”.
Alfredo Scognamiglio, 28.

Being Part of The RNDA

The RNDA is so much more than just classes, we have an incredibly active social community, we organise end of term parties, numerous theatre trips, we have monthly Brunch, Dinner & Cinema clubs as well as many other events. We have private Facebook and Whatsapp groups giving you access to a large network of members from all walks of life who share similar interests.

GMDC Members attending crazy golf social event

We’re getting more involved with the community and charities, we have our own Foundation. We have many performance opportunities too; dancing at Pride events, our own large scale productions, shows and various charity events. As we grow, so does this side of the company.

How It Works

You book and pay for a term of classes – term lengths can differ depending on time of year. The continuity of coming regularly ensures progression and helps you to gain confidence not just within the class but with your fellow members.
Our first few weeks we allow new members to do taster classes giving you a chance to meet the teachers, current and potential new members and get a feel for the class and what The RNDA is all about. Check the Timetable to see wat dates and times are classes are. After your taster/s just let us know which class/es you wish to join. New terms usually begin January, April, June & September.

“When I joined RNDA I knew about 2 people, couldn’t touch my toes and had never danced on stage in my life. Not even a year down the line and I have made tons of new friends, I can touch my toes, have got fitter and I have performed in front of thousands of people at London Pride. I don’t think any organisation I have ever been apart of has had as much of a positive impact on my life as this one.” Graham Wilkins, 34.