Ballet originates from the fifteenth century Italian renaissance but soon spread to France where it was further developed. It’s a highly technical dance style with it’s own vocabulary. It’s widely used as a foundation to many other dance techniques & styles.
Most classes will involve both barre & floor/centre work and we’ll cover both classical & more contemporary Ballet styles.
Ballet is strong on technique & great for building a strong, flexible body & core but we will also be make sure you get a chance to dance & have fun.
There will be performance opportunities throughout the year.


All classes are relaxed & friendly, with emphasis made on supporting each other and having fun.
There will always be a group of people going for a drink or food after class, so please join them, socialise & get to know your fellow class members.

Please check our current Timetable for exact days, times and locations.

If you’re interested in joining please fill in the online application form:

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Any queries or problems please email: or call us on 078282 166 112