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We’re back, back, back again, reopening in April with our Pride Term from Saturday 20th, with more classes, more socials, more ridiculousness & more awesome people for you to come have fun with. There’ll be various (entirely 100% optional) performances towards the end of term for most classes, these are a great opportunity for you to showcase the work you’ve done & be celebrated for it.
Come along & try a class, get involved & see what we’re about!

You will need to become a member before booking.
New members are welcome to book a taster class before committing.

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Performing Arts

Dance (All)

Ballet- Thursdays @ Huskys, Kennington
Ballroom & Latin- Wednesdays
Beyonslay (Street/Commercial Dance)- Tuesdays @ Huskys, Kennington
PAYG Beyonslay Workshops (Street/Commercial Dance)- Saturdays @ The Castle, E&C
General Dance (Beginners)- Wednesdays & Sundays
General Dance (Intermediate/Advanced)- Wednesdays & Sundays
Voguing- Mondays @ Huskys, Kennington
Choir, Thursdays @ Huskys, Kennington
Musical Theatre, Saturdays @ Living Space, Waterloo
Pole Dancing (All)

Pole Dancing Beginner Level
Stripper Style Pole Choreo
Pole Dancing Intermediate Level
Pole Dancing Advanced Level

All prices include VAT

Class Swaps
We run a class swap system. If you’re going to miss any of your regular classes, you can swap to any other class within that subject or price band, at any stage that term.

Additional Classes
You’ll receive a 10% discount if you join multiple classes at the same time, (not available on taster classes).

Payment Plans
If for whatever reason you can’t pay for the whole term of classes upfront, we can arrange a monthly payment plan for you.
We split the cost into 3 payments and each month you’ll need to manually do a bank transfer. The full fees will still need to be paid before the end of term. Email, call or whatsapp us to arrange- or 07828166112

We also run a scholarship scheme for low income members/anyone under financial hardship.
You’ll need to provide proof of your financial situation. Get in touch via email or phone for more information.
Scholarships are funded anonymously by the existing members. Get in touch if you’d like to donate.