The Rainbow Nation Foundation

The Rainbow Nation Foundation CIC
Dedicated to creating a healthier and better connected LGBT+ community in London.

Alex Scurr founded the RNDA (formally GMDC) in September 2015 as a weekly dance class. The company quickly developed into a safe space where people could share their experiences. The Foundation was created in response to evident needs within a community still burdened with external stigma and prejudice. A board of dedicated volunteers has been elected to run the Foundation, and our work supports already established LGBT+ charities.

Our partnered organisations are: 56 Dean Street, London Friend, East London Out Project, Opening Doors, Positive East, Wandsworth Oasis, Diversity Role Models Micro Rainbow, and Mind Out.

Issues we are committing to tackle include:

 ●      Mental health

●       LGBT+ stigma, and young people’s education

●       STI prevention measures

●       HIV stigma

●       Coming out

●       Chemsex and substance abuse

●       Support for the LGBT+ elderly

●       Trans discrimination


Our partnered organisations can approach the Foundation directly for funding towards specific projects, programmes and events.

We will also be developing our own ideas to work with our partnered organisations, such as:

●       Scholarships for anyone under financial hardship so that they can attend LGBT community group classes, events & socials, making organisations like RNDA more accessible for all.

●       Dance and Performing Arts classes for the LGBT+ elderly, helping them keep active in a fun, sociable way and create a sense of community, combating loneliness.

●       Dance and Performing Arts classes in schools for children, giving them ‘normalised’ exposure to LGBT+ people.

●       ‘Life Lessons’. Regular open events where people can learn life skills that they may not have previously learnt or want more information on, eg. saving money & budgeting, health/fitness and wellbeing, drug use harm reduction or employment skills.

●       Self defence classes.

●       Bring & Buy jumble sales. Get rid of all your old and wanted stuff, we’ll sell it on or recycle it.

●       A gender-neutral clothing line full of fabulous garments hand made for every single person, regardless of your body type, anatomy, sexuality or confidence levels. A portion of each sale goes directly into the foundation.


The Rainbow Nation, with its partner organisations and the Rainbow Nation Dance Academy, want to increase support for the LGBT+ community in London, helping all to live better lives.