Ballroom & Latin (Intermediate/ Advanced)

Ballroom & Latin (Intermediate/ Advanced)

Our Ballroom & Latin classes cover various styles over a term; Salsa, Tango. Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba, Jive and more. They’ll be an emphasis on footwork, rhythm & style.

Sometimes you’ll be working individually, but often in pairs. Don’t worry, no need to bring anyone, we’ll pair you up & you will swap partners regularly; this helps strengthen your partnering skills & gives you a chance to meet everyone in the class. Regardless of gender you’ll get to try both leading & following.
Shoes/Heels over trainers are preferred for this class, other than that we ask that you wear anything you can comfortably move in.
There will be optional performance opportunities throughout the year to showcase your progress & achievements.

Previous Dance training is required for this class! But we do have a Beginners level class too.

All classes are relaxed & friendly, with emphasis made on supporting each other and having fun.
There will always be a group of people going for a drink or food after class, so please join them, socialise & get to know your fellow class members.

Please check out the Timetable for exact days, times and locations



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@ The Castle Centre, E&C