Ballroom & Latin (Int/Adv)

Ballroom & Latin (Int/Adv)

Our Ballroom & Latin classes cover various styles over a term: Salsa, Tango. Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba etc. They’ll be an emphasis on footwork, rhythm & style.

Sometimes you’ll be working alone & sometimes in pairs. Regardless of your gender you’ll get to try both leading & following. But don’t worry, no need to bring anyone, we’ll pair you up & you will swap partners regularly; this helps strengthen your partnering skills & gives you a chance to meet everyone in the class. Shoes/Heels over trainers are preferred for this class.
There will be performance opportunities throughout the year.

Previous Dance training is required for this class!

All classes are relaxed & friendly, with emphasis made on supporting each other and having fun.
There will always be a group of people going for a drink or food after class, so please join them, socialise & get to know your fellow class members.

Please check out the Timetable for exact days, times and locations

Class Hours (1)

@ Fitness First- The Strand