Pole Dancing (Beginner’s)

Pole Dancing (Beginner’s)

Pole Dancing is an amazing way to exercise as well as being an art form, it draws strengths from Calisthenics training & Dance, It’s physically challenging, fun & massively helps build confidence! 

Each class will involve an aerobic warm-up followed by stretching and strengthening exercises, then you’ll be learning grips, climbs, inverts, spins and tricks delivered through various sequences.
You will need to wear very short shorts/pants and a vest/sports bra to be able to grip correctly.
There will be optional performance opportunities throughout the year to showcase your progress & achievements.

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NEEDED! These classes are suitable for anyone & everyone over 18yrs.

We do offer both Intermediate & Advanced level classes for people with previous Pole experience who feel confident with pole tricks & picking up sequences and can work at a faster pace and so you have somewhere to progress to. If in doubt about which level you should join then try the General class first and we can always move you up if needed.

We also offer Stripper Style Pole Choreo for anyone more interested in choreography over tricks who wants to live their Pole Dancing/stripper fantasy. Heels for this are optional, but encouraged.

All classes are relaxed & friendly, with emphasis made on supporting each other and having fun.
There will always be a group of people going for a drink or food after class, so please join them, socialise & get to know your fellow class members.

Please check out the Timetable for exact days, times and locations



Class Hours (3)

@ Ultimate Pole, Camden

@ Akila Pole Studio, Brixton

@ Ultimate Pole, Camden