Vogue Femme (Int/Adv)

Vogue Femme (Int/Adv)

Voguing is a highly stylised, modern house dance originating in the late 1980’s that evolved out of the Harlem ballroom scene.

Vogue Femme focuses on conveying feminine energy through fluid and exaggerated movement, with techniques derived from Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance. There are 5 elements to vogue femme: Catwalk, Duckwalk, Hands, Floor work, and of course Spins & Dips. We will cover all 5 of these elements in this class.
Voguing is a club and a social dance, we’ll go through elements and tools that help you build your own freestyle as well as choreography to give an idea of how you can combine the different elements together.
There will be various (optional) performance opportunities throughout the year.

Previous Dance/Vogue training is recommended for this class.

All classes are relaxed & friendly, with emphasis made on supporting each other and having fun.
There will always be a group of people going for a drink or food after class, so please join them, socialise & get to know your fellow class members.

Please check out the Timetable for exact days, times and locations

Class Hours (1)

@ Huskys, Kennington